About us

In ALGORISMUS we strive towards finding solutions to complicated problems by solving the unsolvable. We focus towards automation with easy-to-use experience.

Why Algorismus ?

Made for education

We offer solutions that completely automate the education process. With the credit system in mind, the transition from the old education system to the credit system will be smooth and simple. We also cover the full spectrum of education, starting from K-12.

The latest technology

We also architect robust and scalable backend solutions to offer the best experience for your product, integrating and evolving existing systems, or building a custom solution from-scratch.
  • VueJS
  • Laravel
  • Node
  • Progressive Web App

Support after development

We include a free one-year tech support for each client individually, to help cycle through the full academic year. Tech support also includes some adjustments that were not foreseen during the planning and development stages of the project.